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Automobiles designed for people with disabilities

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There is no architectural design that is as astounding as God’s opus. Take xerophytes for example. These plants are adapted to withstand harsh dry weather conditions from days on end. The cactus plant has a thick cuticle and is draped with a waxy material coupled with prickly needle like leaves. This plant does not even flinch in the presence of a sandstorm. Its peculiar characteristics are meant to help the plant survive in its given environment. These adaptations determine whether this living organism will flourish or cripple when the sun decides to own the stage with its blinding performance.

Innovation has come a long way in attempting to secure human adaptations to their given environment. For thrill seekers we have buoyant parachutes that enable sky divers to remain air borne after descending from their airplanes. For the hearing impaired we have apparels designed to ensure that they enjoy music through vibrations. For humanity at large we have portable phones than we can easily access in the event of emergencies. Every day we experience brilliant inventions that make day to day activities simple.

Many accident victims who wind up losing their ability to conduct what they perceived as simple prior the accident end up in an abyss of psychological torment. This observation has recently led to the conjuring up of automobiles with adaptive equipment meant to provide succor for people suffering from varied disabilities.

These new and existing adaptive technologies that ensure comfort and safety continue to provide remarkable opportunities for people with disabilities to immensely enjoy their journeys.

These adaptive devices may include; swivel chairs for easy access, wheelchair lifts, hand controls and seat-back cushions for a better view of the road. At times the vehicle of the person with a disability may be completely modified such that all they have to do is control their car with their phones only. You have to love technology!

What is required for one to access this adaptive equipment/modified vehicle and are there ways to cut down costs associated with this radical change? Find the answers to these questions below.

Steps to acquiring adaptive devices for people with disabilities
First of all, it is vital that you know that a learner’s permit/driver’s license cannot be withheld from you because of your disability. The driver’s license, however, may tailor restrictions based on your need of adaptive equipment.

The first step of accruing adaptive devices for your vehicle is booking an appointment with a driver rehabilitation specialist. This specialist is meant to comprehensively evaluate the adaptive equipment most suited for your medical condition.

This extensive process entails the specialist analyzing areas such as; vision screening, muscle strength, muscle flexibility, range of motion, coordination and reaction time, road discerning ability, astuteness and decision-making ability.

It is also important for the person with a given disability to disclose all their medical information with the driver rehabilitation specialist. This will ensure the determination of future adaptive equipment based on their long term needs by their specialist. The specialist will also analyze the best devices suited for their patient’s repetitive stress initiated by particular adaptive devices.

When the evaluation is over, the person with a disability should be given a detailed report entailing specific recommendations and restrictions on adaptive equipment that will smoothen their driving experience.
Now that you are aware of these adaptive devices and how to properly use them so as to ensure no future inconveniences, how do you acquire them without drilling a hole through your pocket?

Affordable means for people with disabilities to acquire adaptive devices
There are several ways of cutting down costs during the purchasing of these vehicular adaptive equipment. They include;

Work related injuries

In a situation whereby a person’s disability stems from an accident that occurred at their given jobs, this said party will get a work compensation that will fully cover the cost of their vehicle adaptive equipment. Take note that this condition only applies for the lot who are employed.

Giant vehicle manufacturers

Currently, most major automobile manufacturers provide rebates on adaptive equipment that usually amount up to $1000 provided the buyer purchases a vehicle that is less than a year old. Sweet deal, right? These same dealers then proceed to supply customers with information pertaining adaptive equipment and even help the said customers with the application process. This simplifies the whole journey of modifying one’s automobile to suit their needs.

Angelic Nonprofits

Some nonprofits that are dedicated in advocating for people with disabilities offer programs that may help pay for adaptive devices. This is usually done locally in the sense that these nonprofits tap into local resources that ultimately provide this adaptive equipment.

Defenseless Insurance

In the event of a motor vehicle crash that resulted into the arising of one’s need for adaptive equipment, automotive insurance may cover all or at least part of the cost of the adaptive devices.

Beneficial taxes

It is not every day that we celebrate the presence of taxes well unless you work for a revenue company or are running a tax related Ponzi scheme.
Some states waive their sales tax for adaptive devices if an individual possesses a doctor’s prescription for their use. This translates to these adaptive equipment bearing costs that are tax deductible.

With these technological advances that have helped create adaptive devices for people with disabilities, everyone on the road has an equal shot at easy and safe transportation.

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