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Atwoli’s new role in Mudavadi’s kitchen cabinet

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(COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli)

It’s now becoming crystal clear that COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli is secretly working for Musalia Mudavadi.

Atwoli is seeing a possibility of Mr Mudavadi being embraced by powers-that-be to become the next President of the Republic of Kenya.

This has been evident in the recent events of Building bridges initiative.

During the Kakamega’s Building bridges initiative (BBI) meeting, Atwoli publicly wooed Musalia Mudavadi to unite the Mulembe nation by forming a uniting party for the region. This was contrary to what many people had expected of him that day.

Same happened in the BBI Kitui, a day after Atwoli was spotted with Musalia Mudavadi in an event.

President Kenyatta has indicated time and again that he is ready to go home.

On Friday while touring Nyandarua county to launch various projects, Mr Kenyatta announced that he will not endorse anyone for presidency and that the greatest legacy he want to leave behind is peace.

He also said he no longer trust anyone.

“Those I used to send to represent me and ensure that development projects are on the right track started behaving like hyenas and doing their own things to enrich themselves. Let no one cheat you; from today, I am not sending anyone to help me. I’ll do it on my own.”

Former prime minister Raila Odinga on the other side has shown no interest in running for the top seat. This has prompted Mr Atwoli to push Musalia Mudavadi to appear capable of taking over from President Uhuru.

It is in the public domain that Kenya has never been ruled by radicals. It is equally true that clueless characters have a way of scraping through in Kenya, from founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki to where we are now, strong combative characters don’t make it to the presidency. Only those who look clueless and non threatening like Mudavadi rise.

Atwoli knows so well that Mudavadi is the man to watch and that is why he is already out to push him so that he can appear ready to lead.

Crafting this plan is Prof Herman Manyora. It’s in Kakamega that Atwoli preempted the role Mr Manyora would play in their camp that is heading the research team.

“I will tell everyone in every constituency that we will do a research with universities and we will let you know who to elect. We are not leaving you without nothing. How many agree with this? I’m not going to let anyone behind. Atwoli will lead us. We are going to the government via BBI,” Atwoli said.

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