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Artists to Benefit from Increased Skiza Revenues

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Artists to Benefit from Increased Skiza Revenues


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More than 20,000 artists and content creators will benefit from increased earnings of 40 percent from all their tunes on skiza.

It comes after Safaricom announcing an increase in Skiza revenue share for artists and content creators by 33 percent.

The increase is effective July 1, 2021.

Further, the revenue share will apply to both music and non-music tunes.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa says Skiza has grown to become the preferred mobile entertainment service for more than 9 million Kenyans.

 Our decision to increase artist and content-creators revenue share by 33 percent will act as a further boost to the creative industry to support talent growth and sustainability.

Ndegwa said.

Further, Ndegwa adds that the measure is part of the company’s long-term commitment to the support and growth of the entertainment industry in Kenya through innovation.

The increase will boost the sector players hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is due to reduced interaction with audiences in observance of Covid 19 mitigation measures.

Additionally, Skiza service has also been affected by reduced customer spending in the face of the pandemic.