Are You Addicted To Your Digital Device?

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By Vincent Adams

Recent study shows that the average time a person is on their phone is three hours and fifteen minutes. According to research from Rescue Team some of the apps installed in our operating systems(OS) used to monitor phone usage, generally the amount of time spent on phone especially for smart phone users is up to four and a half hours.

Five minutes cannot pass without someone looking at their phones. It’s as if life is running so fast for them to keep up and they are afraid they are going to be left behind with the current happenings. Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter, Instagram , Snapchat you name it. All these have become part and parcel of our lives.

Recently a meme going around in social media stated that you wake up in the morning and you don’t check to see whether your legs are functioning and the first thing you do is see how many likes you got on instagram. We have become robots who are controlled by our phones. Our heads bowed to our phones when we’re walking,sitting,eating even when we are meeting up with friends and family.

These devices have made us void of the basic concept that is socializing.

You meet up with friends and a little while later guys are on their phones chatting or updating their current situation on social media platforms. What was the whole point of meeting up in the first place? Courting has become digitalized. What happened to the old fashioned face to face conversations. You know the kind we meet up and the dude gets to display his prowess with words,girls drawing maps on the ground with their feet, boys sneaking around to meet the love of their lives and the best of them all,sending each other letters.

To make things worse came the era of screenshots. Screenshots have become receipts to be presented as evidence to fuel peoples scandals. Conversations are no longer private because one minute you are sending that risky text and the next thing you know you’re trending on twitter #boysclub. The word confidential has lost its meaning because in this digital era one has to be careful with what they say,what they do,and where they do it. Truth be told we have made ourselves slaves of this device.

During this pandemic,many of us have become victims of depression due to a-lot of reasons and we tend to seek solutions from different sources. You get depressed and you quickly run to your phones and express how depressed you feel to total strangers who don’t care about you genuinely.

In the end you get trolled and you fall deeper into depression. A bit of advice , sit down and talk about it. Many us think that talking bout our problems is being weak and nagging but we shouldn’t forget that speech has been used as a means of preventing wars from occurring. Surely it can help solve depression. Find someone who you can comfortably share what you are feeling and funny thing is that you will feel better not that your problems are over but because someone actually understood what you are going through.

All in all, phones have become part of us now and that is not changing any time soon. Let’s take a moment and imagine our lives without phones. Tragic right? but lets make an effort and minimize its use. Read a novel, find a hobby, visit places, meet new people and more importantly lets get back our conversation skills in check because in all honesty a good conversation keeps the doctor away. Get your face away from the screen for once and appreciate the beauty that is our world.

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