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Apple Unveils New iPhone 12 (PHOTOS)

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Apple on Tuesday, October 13 revealed the iPhone 12, a new handset with the first full redesign in years.

It will be the first of Apple’s phones to include 5G, which chief executive Tim Cook claimed would represent a step change in the way the phone works.

The new phone comes alongside the iPhone 12 Mini, the smallest handset Apple has revealed in years.

Illustration of the new iPhone 12 specifications. /TWITTER


“That smaller version of the phone has all of the same features,” Apple revealed.

The larger phone will be priced at $799, while the smaller one priced at $699.

The iPhone 12 will also be the first hardware to charge with Apple’s new “MagSafe for iPhone” feature, which has a magnet that snaps onto the back and powers up the phone.

“The phone is also much more durable than ever before, being four times as strong when it is dropped,” the company claimed.

The durability was a result of what Apple called “Ceramic Shield” – a more resilient glass made in partnership with Corning, famous for making Gorilla Glass.

However the most notable change is the new look, which includes square sides of the kind found on the iPhone Pro and a reminiscent of the iPhone 5. As well as bringing a new look, Apple put its antennas down to the side to improve its 5G performance.

The new design means that it can keep the same 6.1-inch display size from the iPhone 11 but at a reduced overall size. The iPhone 12 is 11 per cent thinner and 16 per cent lighter as a result of the new design.

The phone also comes in a new blue colour, in addition to the usual red, white and black, Apple said.

Inside of the phone is the A14 Bionic chip, the first chip in a smartphone that includes 5nm transistors. That allows the processor to be far more tightly-packed, vastly improving performance, with the chip being 50percent faster than the Snapdragon Chip and 90percent faster than Samsung’s Exynos.

The chip was revealed during September’s “Time Flies” event, as part of the iPad Air, which also features it. Apple however did not divulge details about how fast exactly it is, and the iPad Air is not yet available to the public.

Apple also announced during the event that the game League of Legends would come to the iPhone for the first time. That was a result of the additional power provided by the new chip.

Apple has also updated both of the lenses found in the iPhone 12’s dual-camera system, which is aimed at performing better in the dark as well as leading to more precise photos. At the back the phone hosts a 12MP dual-camera setup housed in a matte glass squircle.

The company also revealed that new software features – known as computational photography – would improve performance of its HDR and night mode features.

As well as the new iPhones, Apple also revealed its MagSafe for iPhone accessories. They included a puck that snaps onto the back to charge, cases that can snap on and off, and a wallet that also sticks onto the back.

It will also come without some of the expected accessories. The company will get rid of the earphones and charging block from the box, and will also swap the Lightning cable so that it plugs into USB on the other end.


Prices of the new iPhone 12. /TWITTER

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