Applause To The Kenyan Medics

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As the title tells it all, this is an article in appreciation of our health workers. Those working tirelessly to keep the virus from spreading, those exposed to the disease everyone is running away from,those with families afraid to put them at risk and offer to be the sacrificial lamb instead. I know a lot of people will be like, but it’s their work, that is what they are getting paid to do. True statement, it’s their job , they earn from it and they know the risks involved in line of duty but who in the world right now if not a medic is willing to expose his/herself and come into contact with patients, not just one or two but a couple of patients infected by a virus with no cure known to spread through coming into contact with infected patients and surfaces?

As of yesterday, with 127 new COVID19 infections the ministry of health announced that 72 of those infected are medics who contracted the diseases in line of duty. Now playing the number games, that is clearly not a small number, as the health practitioners struggle to put the virus from spreading this has greatly put them at risk of getting infected. The Kenya Media Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union (KMPDU) raise concern over the increased infections of health workers. KMPDU acting secretary General Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda points out that more than 80 health workers across the country have been infected with more than 60% being in their line of duty.

Clearly, the medical practitioners are heroic in every single way, people who have families and are worried sick of infecting them because of the exposure they get in their working places. The figures have it that Mombasa is leading in the infections of health workers with 41 cases so far , followed by Nairobi which holds 31 cases with Kiambu coming in third with 4 cases. Other counties such as Nyeri, Kitui, Machakos and Kajiado also have cases of health practitioners getting infected. All the Kenyans running desperately in the arms of the health practitioners to seek guidance, help, comfort and a way forward should things go astray for example experiencing symptoms of corona virus or ways of one protecting his/herself from the virus.  Medics are under pressure to not only help contain the spread of the virus and offer their services to those infected but also try balance dealing with patients suffering from other medical conditions otherwise fingers will be pointing at them for negligence. Next time you think of a doctor or rather get to see a doctor, look to him/her as a heroic figure, encourage them and motivate them if you can, they need that too. 

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