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Amazon-owned cloud-based comic book platform “Comixology” offers free Black Panther comics to fans as of this past weekend

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The death of King T’chala was a blow to everyone around the world. Chadwick Boseman was an icon of our time, a man we deemed immortal; the very symbol of “Wakanda forever”. Most of the roles he played on screen painted him as brave, intelligent and heroic. Turns out these characteristics were a part of his actual life off screen. The man was tussling with colon cancer while still shooting adrenaline pumping movies. If that does not ascertain his valiance, I don’t know what does.
The action fantasy film, “Black Panther” was released in the year 2018. Its reception was unlike anything the film industry has ever seen. Theatres worldwide flooded on the day of its debut. People even opted to turn a blind eye to the grainy camera copy version of the film just so they could get a feel of the film on the day it got launched. Weeks, months and now two years later, “Black Panther” is still a fond film to us with its well executed action scenes, phenomenal premise, talented cast members and unique setting. “Wakanda”, although nonexistent, became a part of Africa, an addition to our culture. Plus, it is always a pleasure to see Lupita Nyong’o take on a role as if it was particularly woven for her. Marvel studios had done it again; there is nothing like a superhero tale to remind humanity that good tramples evil any day.

Amazon’s comic platform, Comixology, have apparently been giving fans free “Black Panther” comics since this past Saturday. There was no official announcement by the site over the matter which made comic fans doubtful after this exciting information leak. As it turns out the tweeters who stumbled on this delightful piece of information were correct. The platform is indeed offering a wide range of Marvel’s “Black Panther” comics for absolutely no charges.
Let’s see what exactly they are offering and whether this subscription fee is truly nonexistent.

The list of “Black Panther” titles
There is a thrill in devouring free edible samples from fast foods, restaurants or even supermarkets. You usually feel like you have come across a box of treasures; something so tenaciously sought after but due to your luck, you are the one who winds up discovering it. When an attendee or waiter/waitress approaches you, you feel the air around you morph. You feel special, chosen. Sure you will be skeptical at the beginning but once you are convinced, there is little you can do to prevent yourself from breaking into a quirky dance. That is how the tweeters who discovered this offer felt.

Now, the list of free comics includes; the “Black Panther” series by Te- Nehisi Coates, the comic “Shuri” which is based on King T’Challa’s sister by Nnedi Okafor and the “Rise of the Black Panther” by Evan Narcisse. All these revolve around the fictional setting “Wakanda”. They are all wildly entertaining and engaging. You are bound to get lost in the diverse tales, fascinated by the creativity, imagery and brilliant dialogues on these comics.
Marvel joined the Comixology Unlimited subscription back in 2017. This deal allowed Marvel fans to feed on an extended version of Marvel films. The usual monthly fee is $5.99 which in turn provides fans an unlimited access to 25,000 comics from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse etc.

The “Black Panther” series, however, doesn’t seem to have this subscription fee as per now. This means that you can access all its titles from the site for free before this generous offer ends. What are you waiting for? Go devour these free samples now!

Chadwick Boseman will be duly missed; he was a hero on screen and off screen.

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