Africa’s Technology to Curb the Spread of Covid-19

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As Coronavirus continues to cause health emergencies worldwide, normal routines have been affected but we have managed to change that with different working styles for instance, using zoom, school or company websites.

Due to social distancing measures, lockdowns, quarantines and curfews stretching from weeks after weeks, enhanced by technology workers are relatively easy to provide their services without physically clustering together. By relying on virtual meetings, cloud technology and online tools, they are able to ensure continuity of production.

In Nigeria, there is a company that has created the online COVID-19 Triage Tool, which allow users to self assess their COVID-19 risk.

South Africa’s government is using WhatsApp to run an interactive chat service about the COVID-19.

Egypt’s broadband network has been leveraged to deploy tele health solutions to 500 primary care units and facilitate buying and selling via e-commerce platforms like Jumia.

In Kenya and Nigeria, mobile money has sharply increase compared with the physical exchange of paper money.

Central bank of Ghana, had directed mobile money providers to waive fees on transactions of up to 100 Ghanaian cedi which is $17.40.

A variety of educational applications, platforms and resources have begun to yield fruits.

Zambia, Rwanda and Morocco, have established a system that reviews the education program content from private and public TV channels offered to learners.

Through online shopping and door to door deliveries, people are able to feed themselves without social contacts thus helping countries to reduce spread of coronavirus.

However, accessing appropriate digital tools and low internet coverage continue to be a challenge in Africa. Therefore, technology needs to be expanded further.

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