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A man takes the ‘Kukula fare’ offense up a notch by reporting his lover to the police and paying for a cyber tracker

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When you sit down for a game of poker, you tend to sweep your eyes over your opponents. This is usually done to gauge their ability to conceal their expressions. Throughout the game you will pick up a few tells that will help you build your game to the point of winning and scooping up the winnings. In order to emerge as the winner, you need to be able to predict another person’s move. So, you bide your time, vigilantly fleeting your eyes over the opponents, hoping they will flicker or even scratch; anything for you to play your cards right. How good you are at picking up nonverbal cues determines if you will go home smiling or seething. Playing cards is a gamble that employs wits and frankly so are long distant relationships.

The ‘eating’ of fare has been a hot topic among Kenyans online for a while. Women asking for fare from their partners or partners offering fare to their women so that they can meet up was treated as a normalcy for couples in long distant relationships not so long ago. This became a wounding topic when women started a trend of using their transport money to satisfy other needs rather than what it was initially assigned for. And so it began. Men taking showers excitedly and bathing in cologne so as to meet their intended only for their legs to grow weak on the sidewalk, waiting for their phantom girlfriends to alight public vehicles. Some would order two glasses and a bottle of chardonnay in snazzy hotels only for them to gobble down the contents of the bottle themselves. The waiter would later collect the two unused glasses from the table while shaking their heads knowingly.

Rendezvous between lovers shifted from something thrilling to something dreadful; a gamble.

Yesterday, a lady hailing from Kisumu confessed to her lover filing a police report against her because she had used the sh2000 fare he had sent. The woman genuinely feared that she would spend a night in jail because of failing to meet the man as she had spent all the transport money. After her lover sent the sh2000, the lady had thereafter decided to keep quiet. Clearly the man did not take this well. He went as far as reporting the lady’s crass action to the police. As soon as he obtained the OB (Occurrence Book) number, the enraged lover sent a screenshot to the woman. Apparently, the man did not stop there. He paid sh2800 to track down the lady and sent the flayed lady a cybercrime document to show that he was not messing around. The man promised the lady that the police would pay her a visit and that she would be ‘picked up like a dog.’ According to the woman, it was not the lover’s first rodeo.

He told her that he knew exactly how to deal with such situations.

All this could be water under the bridge if the woman repaid the man his sh2000. Well, I suppose these women have finally met their match. Unless you want to be hauled at the back of a police vehicle, I suggest you stop ‘eating’ fare.

When asked, some women have shared their views on why they spend their transport money on other needs. Some have said that it is a polite way to call of the date or express disinterest in a man while others cannot understand why the men keep falling for that trite gimmick. Other ladies reported that their phones do in fact go off and that usually this occurs when there are no alternative electricity sources in their vicinities.

To all the men, learn how to study gamble cues, you can always tell who will ‘eat’ your fare and who won’t.

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