A Journey to Success, a longer one or Shorter?

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Success is inarguably a journey which is literally a process built from ground up through sufferings, sacrifice and dedication. Success will rarely happened by chance but it can happen through sheer hard work and commitment.

If you ask the successfully Marathon World record holder Eliud Kipchoge how he has managed to be world champion with back to back successes through the decade he’d definitely recounts decades of preparation, some failures and resilience. “There was this kid who would come and ask me for a training program,” Sang said in an interview recently. “So every two weeks, I would give him a program to follow, and this went on for months.” Eliud’s coach to New York Times. Kipchoge himself according to the Times once wrote a formula Motivation + Discipline = Success. Therefore the successes from this athlete that we celebrate each passing year in different cities through the world is not by coincidence but effort pumped consistently through the years.

For the case of the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk who has heralded the world greatest innovations from PayPal, Tesla Cars, Spacecraft, Solar City and others, grit, dedication, commitment and vision defines a success. Despite him being the chief executive, he is also the lead designer and engineer in these companies and even famously said when SpaceX was launching the Spacecraft to orbit with NASA that if the launch will be successful, the NASA and SpaceX staff will be their success but if it isn’t successful it will be his own fault.

The accounts of these two men who are on two different extreme fields gives us illustration of success. After decades of hard work and building their own products and careers, their results and success are now seen and shaping the world. Therefore, the collective actions perpetually done over certain period of time will collectively contribute to the success of the individual. There shall be doubts, failures and disappointments but certainly it is the process which ultimately lead to success.

The journey to success is long with ups and downs. Those who start to build a brand will obviously take time to build an outstanding reputation and trusts from clients. Time to achieve a better quality of products or service will also take time and consistent delivery and feedback from users and clients. The giant clothing lines like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have developed their brands through decades till it has reached global reach and recognition.

To cap it all, the journey to success is a consistent journey and not short one. A longer one

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