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9 storey building collapses in Ruiru

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9 storey building collapses in Ruiru

9 storey building collapses in Ruiru

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A building caved in in Ruiru, Kiambu County but no casualties have been reported.

The nine-storey building was still under construction when it collapsed.

According to police reports, it was still unclear what had led to the building’s collapse.

Meanwhile, cases of buildings collapsing in Nairobi and its environs have been on the rise over the past two months.

In September, a five-storey residential building under construction collapsed in Kinoo. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Investigations on the unfortunate Kinoo incident revealed that the owner of the building had allegedly added more floors without approval from relevant agencies.

Barely a week after the Kinoo incident, three workers died at a construction site in Gachie, Kiambu County after a building they were working on collapsed.

More than 10 others were injured in the incident.

Elsewhere early this month, one man was fatally injured and several other hospitalised after a building collapsed along Parklands 5th Avenue.

Three people were confirmed dead after a building collapsed in Mmboleo estae, Kisumu County on September 13 this year.  Contractor of the building was arrested.

The frequent cases of collapse of buildings in Kenya have become a major concern among all the stakeholders in the local construction industry.

In a bid to stem the unfortunate occurrences, President Uhuru Kenyatta in January 2015 commissioned an audit of all buildings in Nairobi and it was found that only 42 per cent of the structures in the city were found fit for habitation.

According to the report, these are most common causes of buildings collapse in Kenya:

1.) Weak foundations

2.) Substandard materials

3.) Poor structural design

4.) Unqualified labour

All construction work should be carried out by qualified contractors under the supervision of competent architects and engineers.

5.) Greed for wealth

6.) Corruption

The government agencies mandated with inspection of buildings to ensure they are safe for human habitation are riddled with corruption and inefficiencies.

For a few thousand shillings, corrupt inspectors are willing to turn a blind eye on malpractices resulting in fatalities and financial loss.

Besides laxity in enforcement of construction codes these violations, even those that cause loss of life amounting to criminal negligence are rarely punished.

Although there are many reasons as to why a building may collapse, most of the incidents in Kenya seem to be driven by greed for wealth and corruption. In fact, it would be accurate to cite the two as the main real reasons as to why buildings collapse in Kenya.