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7 Jobs Done Online From Home That Can Earn You More Than A Salary

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The covid-19 virus has been a curse for many of us. This is because we are forced to stay indoors. Millions have lost their sources of livelihoods as they cannot go out to fend for themselves or their families. However, that is not the end of life as the corona pandemic has led to the growth of online jobs and people working remotely. Online jobs are a blessing in disguise as one can multi-task different jobs and still get more time for their families and friends.

Here are seven jobs one can do remotely from their computer, phone or tablet and earn a generous income:

  1. Writing articles. Writing has been proven as the most paying online job. This is a great avenue to earn from sharing your knowledge. The field has a wide range of topics to write on and a very wide audience to target. One can write for many online magazines and blogs according to the preference of a field they hold.
  2. Making reviews online. People who love airing out their opinions on different matters might get paid greatly for giving their views on certain topics. Moreover, companies hire people to test their products and pass a credit score on them. This is a field not known to many but the pay is often great. Most reviews are on mobile apps, websites, gadgets or fashion collections.
  3. Proofreading. Reading as a hobby might bag you some extra bucks where you are required to read articles and make corrections to it. Also you might be required to read and give a synopsis of the piece. Many online blogs and magazines do not fancy the idea of hiring an editor but seek proofreaders as they are quite cheap to work for them.
  4. Web development. As a number of people have been laid off, their entrepreneurial buds have grown. Many are starting businesses which greatly require online presence. This has created a demand in the website development industry. The most demanded websites are online shops.
  5. App development. Numerous companies have lain off their staff as they cannot work remotely. If you are skilled in this sector, this is a great avenue to earn some cash as these companies are looking for skilled app creators.
  6. Budgeting. There are people who are quite great at numbers while others are not. The less educated in budgeting might invest some cash when you help them with their budgets. Also one can write articles on budgeting for online magazines and get paid. Most searched budgets include family budgets, couple budgets, moving out budgets and events budgets
  7. Virtual fitness instructor. Many people have started their fitness journey due to the pandemic’s impositions. However, they cannot make it to the gym. This is a great niche online where you can instructor people digitally.

Hope you have seen where your skill set allows you to work from home digitally. All the best in your working endeavors.

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