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7 Best Gifts For A New Born

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Ironically, when the movie Boss Baby made it’s debut I just so happened to be baby sitting my six month old niece at my aunt’s place. She was a fussy baby with a powerful set of lungs. Her racket could have given baby Akoko a run for her money.

So imagine my surprise when she stuck her thumb in her mouth and silently watched boss baby and co orchestrate witty plans under the noses of completely oblivious adults. My joy, however, was short-lived. Once the credits rolled in, my niece decided that her shrills had been in bondage for too long. I immediately tossed myself into the frenzy, running around the house frantically scouting for something to quieten her wails. Some days I honestly believed child services would come pounding at my aunt’s door. After trying out a series of distractions, including a brilliant performance of behind the ear coin trick, I simply gave up. I slumped next to her and restarted the Boss Baby movie. She went completely silent, it was as if her cries had been a figment of my imagination.

Later that week I found her perched over a smartphone with a determined look on her face. Her brows were knitted together and her miniature lips were pursed. For a moment I just stood there conjuring up theories of what she could possibly be doing. Then images of boss baby flitted through my mind. I approached slowly, careful not to startle her. A video of the baby shark song was playing on the smartphone. The determined look on her face was actually a frustrated one. Apparently she had been trying to figure out why she couldn’t hear the audio bit of the baby shark song. I laughed at my incredulous assumption from earlier as I adjusted the volume on the phone. There were absolutely no babies walking around in suits and with briefcases. Though you have to admit it would have been absolutely intriguing if they actually existed.

Welcoming new babies to the world is a blithe feeling for parents and everyone around them. The occasion is special and beautiful, something to hold dear. That is why in the olden days, kings hosted parties for their kingdoms for weeks on end as an acknowledgement of the miracle that is life. For this very reason, people feel it best to gift new born babies.
Now we definitely know not to have a three-piece suit sown for babies so what then do you get for someone who has literally began living?
Here are some helpful gift tips for new born babies.


Apart from being cuddly and absolutely adorable, babies happen to have no control whatsoever over their bladders and bowels . This means that there is no day, before they are potty trained, when the term “enough” will be used in relation to diapers. This makes them a safe and practical gift. Both the parents and the baby will immensely appreciate this gift.
A name puzzle

You might be wondering, why would you gift a new born baby with a puzzle while the only language they can subscribe to is gugu gaga? Research shows that babies have heightened sensory capabilities. Their grasping abilities are faster than those of adults. They will be able to learn their name faster through this puzzle and as they grow up the customized puzzle will aid in encouraging their logical abilities in terms of spelling their names and letter and color recognition.

Apart from enjoying the funky colors of the puzzle, the baby will build his or her confidence as they showcase their grasping of the letters in the puzzle!

This particular gift is unique and quite helpful.

A baby towel

There is power in patting our bodies after a shower with a cozy soft towel. You even take your time, paying close attention to diverse parts. When the towel exudes friction, however, we quicken the patting or even opt to do the old “shake it off” routine.

A snuggly, ultra soft baby towel is an excellent gift for a new born. It is practical in the sense that babies have to regularly shower. The skin of a baby is quite sensitive so you should opt for a cotton towel. If you are buying the gift prior the birth of the baby, pick a neutral color like white or green or even purple. Also, you might want to pick a towel with a cartoon print so as to make the whole drying and dressing experience fun for the baby. The cartoon print will provide a distraction for the baby blurring the fuss that would otherwise accompany the aftermath of bathing.

Baby’s memory book

There is something precious in experiencing a baby’s first crawl, walk, word or even feeding. These milestones are even more enthralling to the parents. A memory book will help the parents document all the special occasions that transpire in the baby’s life during the first years. When the baby grows up, she or he will get to see these moments that were frozen in time.

The memory book is essentially the same as a baby photo album.
This gift helps the family bond, it’s a part of their active lives, cherished moments. Frankly, it’s an unforgettable gift.

Musical Toys

Is it just me or is every baby aspiring to be a musician? Their love for loud shrieks and piercing shrills coupled with banging everything that can emit sound points to this assumption.

Rattles and musical toys are a perfect gift for a new born baby. Sound is more appreciated by babies when they are little. Their heightened hearing abilities transport the vibrations from varied instruments straight to their soul. Music oriented toys will not only keep the baby busy but also entertain them immensely. You are bound to hear a baby chortle when musical toys are around.

Self-made gifts

If you love making or creating gifts from scratch instead of buying them, then do the same for a new born baby.

Perhaps you are really good at crocheting, you can knit the baby a cap or a sweater. Or you can get a hard cover book and make a baby scrap book. Also if you happen to have a knack for beaded jewelry, you can make a customized bracelet for the new born baby. There’s nothing sweeter or more sentimental than a handmade gift. It shows you put a lot of time, thought and effort into the gift.

Feeding bottles

Getting a new born baby a feeding bottle is a thoughtful and practical gift. It will be an added asset and the parents will appreciate having it.
Neutral colors are always the way to go if you are buying the gift prior the birth.

You might choose to get more than one baby bottle in varied sizes and colors. These will be very helpful.

These are just some of the gifts that you can get a new born. Before buying or making gifts, it is paramount to consider some things. You have to look at whether this baby is the first born. If she or he is indeed the first born the parents would appreciate gifts that are more practical. Essentials like baby clothes, towels, linens and feeding bottles will serve as the perfect gifts to the new parents. If the baby is not the first born, this means that the parents most likely have a lot of the practical things already. Still, this does not mean you shouldn’t buy these gifts. All in all you might choose a sentimental gift in this scenario. A gift like a memory book/ photo album or a customized bracelet can never go wrong.
Make sure to take into account the parent’s lifestyle and storage space. You cannot purchase a crib without knowing if the parents have the space for it.

Also, always try to weigh in practicality and uniqueness when getting a gift for the baby. Uniqueness can be keyed in through design, colors and sentimental input.

Now did you guys hear about the baby who was gifted with an installed golden bath tub? Not gold coated but golden! Oh well, the life of celebrities.

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