6 Steps to Planning Your Success

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According to Earl Shoaff, it’s not what happens that determines the major part of our future in that what happens, happens to us all. Instead, the key note is what we do about it. Thus, our results are only as good as our plan. If we really want to change and have a better outcome than last time’s, starting small is the key. Heard of baby steps?

Jim Rohn advises us to start doing different things with the same set of circumstances; that is the ones we have always had and cannot change. In that, if we start on the miracle process and change ourselves, then everything changes. What’s more, the difference between success and failure is not easily understood.

For starters, failure is all about not meeting a desirable or intended objective. For example, you we’re to carry out a certain task and you totally not do it… Now failure kick in. The outcome of the task you were to carry out is not achieved. In the end, this will cost you. In that you could get punished or even get fired.

On the other hand, success is all about the achievement of one’s goal. For example, completing a task at hand which could include digging up a plot of land or even opening of a beauty parlor.

One should note that successful people have a plan behind their success stories. They know what they want, they have a plan towards getting what they want and so they work their plan. That now shows on foundation for success.

We all want to be successful. This means one thing, we need to have a plan and then with order, work that plan. Have in mind a plan that is right and will work for you. To achieve this, be less sincere and no less commitment to your plan.

To see to that you completed to the finish line powerfully and successfully, the following are ideas to keep in mind;

Have the right plan for you

We all have our different doings and plans towards achieving our goals. Jack Ma’s story is way different from Steven Job’s. Some people follow on a complex plan as they are detail-oriented. For others, they are less detail-oriented and it’s totally OK. It all depends with your plan.

What’s the right plan? There’s nothing as a right plan. Everyone has their own plan that suits them. You don’t necessarily have to follow on someone else’s plan simply because it got them to being successful.

We all unique in our ways and so we have different motivating factors. This calls for the need to develop a plan that well fits you. Even though some plans may not be fine detailed, we must have it at the end of the day. Have a plan, along with goals. Before deciding on what plan to venture into, have a look at your personality, your strengths and weakness and then now plan around them.

Have a schedule on when to work it through

Pick a day or time that well suits you. Talk of every Saturday night or even every 20 minutes when you wake up. Another may adopt to work it over at lunch or before going to bed. It all depends on our flexibility. Set a time that you will have zero reasons to not doing it. Have with you what you want to achieve when you carry out on your plan.
They should be realistic and achievable. Avoid setting standards that are hardly achievable as it will discourage you and you might even give up. With discipline developed, you moving closer towards the finish line and achieving your goals.

Keep a journal

Take notes. From Mr. Shoaff’s teachings, Jim Rohn has learnt to not trusting his memory but writing down every detail.
Find a place to gather the information that affects change .This has helped Mr Rohn over the years.

Write down ideas and inspirations that will carry you from Where you are to Where you want to be. You can learn more on this through Jack Canfield’s book, How to Get From Where You Are to Where You want to Be. The 25 principles of success are a must read.

Take notes on the ideas that have a great impact on you. Brainstorm with yourself on where you are headed and put down those thoughts and ideas. Have your dreams and ambitions written somewhere. That’s why you have a diary with you.; to help you gather your valuable information in it. With the information you have on you, record it for further reflection and debate and for arguing out the value it adds on you.


Have with you the time to reflect. Go over the things you have learnt and what you have done. This will help lock it better into your memory. Look out for the outcomes and the impact these activities have had on you. Have it with you to reflect on your day every end of the day. From what you saw, whom you talked to, what they said, what happened to how you felt. Everyday should be a piece of artwork of your life. At the end of every week, reflect largely on the week’s activities. Ask yourself how the material should be applied to your life and about its circumstances. Take a half day at the end of the month and a weekend at the end of the year. This will help you to never forget. It also ensures that the past is even more valuable and that it will be of more service to your future.

Set goals

Planning is all but a guideline to how you are going to achieve your goals. This means one has to have these goals with them. What do you desire at the end of this journey of planning and sticking to certain disciplines? Is it worth the sacrifice?

Funny enough is that some people plan and do not actually have what they want at the end of the day. Absurd right? Learn how to set goals. Master this and watch a powerful impact on your life. Setting goals has such a great influence on a person’s future. It’s that force that will pull a person in the direction that they want to go. Design and plan your future so that it exerts a force that pulls you towards the promise of what can be.

Act on Your Plan

Successful people work on their plan. They don’t just have a plan and sleep on it. You have a plan with you and don’t act on it and you still wonder why you not moving forward. Not matter how small the action is, work on it. It’s about progress.

Act on your plan. Take action. Successful people are like you just that you haven’t worked the plan. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are smarter than you; it’s about working the plan out. Human beings, me and you, have with them the law of Diminishing Intent. We tend to act when the idea strikes us, when we have such a flow of emotions. But then, if we delay and don’t act when we have the urge to, then the energy to do it fades away. We forget about it and lay low. Have this discipline guideline with you ,that is working on the plan when the idea is strong, clear and powerful. Everything affects everything.

That small action is important as the value and benefits out of it will inspire you to do the next and the next and the next one….
Take action on your plan because if it is as good then the results are mind blowing.

With all these said and done, this is to that with the help of Jim Rohn, these ideas and steps have become a success in unleashing them out.

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