50 Escape from Quarantine, Just Where is the Problem?

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By Collins Kiprop

The pouring rain was the loophole they took advantage of, a pretty smart move, isn’t it? But then again, the questions that puzzle our minds are; why risk the lives of millions of Kenyans? Most importantly, do these Kenyans know why they are put in the quarantine?

Quarantine centres are not actually your typical holiday SPA resort and in the wake of fighting this Covid-19 pandemic, it is more of a prison so to say. The people there are secluded; some out of their will whereas others crossed a line and got burned in the process. Either way, the isolation breeds anxiety and the pressure is building up to a breaking point.

The moment they decided to jump over the fence, their only thought was to save themselves. The anxiety of being secluded had already reached it’s peak coupled up with the fact that they had to cater for their needs during the quarantine period and money as a resource was becoming scarce. Therefore, their only option was to run, forgetting the fact that they could actually have the virus and by breaking quarantine rules, they could be putting the lives of many Kenyans, includung their families at risk.

On the other hand, others may have decided to take matters into their own hands since they had been medically cleared  not having the virus. However, their stay in the quarantine centre had been extended and  that was the sole justification that perpetuated their actions. They did not mind breaking the rules because on their end they had the right to do so.

They disobeyed the law and that is solely on them. However, their reasons for doing so might be valid and they actually could be victims in all this but that does not give them the right to take matters into their own hands. The smartest move they could have made is to try and voice out their issues to relevant authorities. If it’s money for upkeep, cluster phobic issues or anxiety disorders name it. From this, the government together with other relevant authorities could have  been able to help them.

Their actions should bring about a wake-up call to the government concerning the conditions in the quarantine centres. Being in quarantine is reason enough to put these people on edge and thus, zone quarantine policies like personal upkeep should be reviewed.

To be honest, most Kenyan citizens in quarantine do not have access to money that can last them for the fourteen days mandatory quarantine period. The largest part of the economy in the country is made up of those living from hand to mouth. Therefore, to control such outbreaks in the future, the government should try to make quarantine centres friendly to all citizens amidst a pandemic.

The fifty Kenyans are out there and it is our duty as citizens of this country to help contain the spread of the virus by aiding in the search of these people. It may be a friend of yours or a family member, either way you protecting him or her could put your life and that of your loved ones in danger. Make the right choice.

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