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5 ways to better and repair toxic workplaces

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Organizations, companies and agencies have varying cultures and traditions that guides operations, relationships and delivery at work. Some have code of ethics that governs how staff and managers interact, communicate and relate. Despite many organizations putting much effort in bettering the work environment at least on paper, seems it’s a long shot to achieve a healthy working environment as cases of harassment at workplace, poor relations are still on rise.

If not properly checked, toxic work environments can have lasting negative impacts on the victim’s mental health and more often victims fall to depression, stress or suicide. there are ways organizations can take ensure that the healthy and less toxic work environment is tenable at any point. Here are 5 of them;

• Acknowledge and own up to mistakes, misdeeds

Organizations due to its bureaucratic nature and vertical hierarchy rarely owns up mistakes however glaring they may seem. This in most occasions have forced staff to used social media to express the anger and disappointments. The HR however should always in constant move to better their processes, own up to mistakes if any. The good starting point should be review of current policies and whether they are adequate, falls short or unsustainable and seek a way to correct adequately.

• Constantly communicate effectively and clearly

The constant and clear flow of communication is critical to the success of the organization. Actively communicate company’s weekly goals, shortcomings, visions and projections. Proper communication with employees will make each of them feel valuable and part of the team and can boost their morale and motivation

• Training, educate staff constantly

Most organization attaches less value on constant and strategic training and educating its workforce. It is important to note that company’s culture should be clearly outlined and consistently with time. Trainings are important as they provide employees with up to date steps, information on the processes educational materials should focus on better working environment and training lay emphasis on bullying, harassment and discrimination in work place and its effects. Content can be shared in many ways for example videos, emails, podcasts, open discussions and team building.

• Hold everyone by same standards

Holding everyone with same standards regardless of rank, reputation and age will go a longer way in ensuring the working environment remains better. The violators of code of ethics either through bullying, discrimination should face the consequences like anyone else. Create safe space for employees to speak up boldly without any fear of repercussions. Also take any report seriously and acting on it till its finality.

• Amicable ways of dispute resolutions

The day to day disputes arising may be blow out of hand if no proper measures to resolve are not there. The clear communication is first step in dispute resolution whereby staff regardless of rank and comfortably express his/her mind fearlessly of any reprisal and the board should use due process in trying to solve without fear or favor.

Management in companies, organizations and agencies have a bigger role to play in ensuring that the working environment is best and healthy by building safe space for everyone to talk and express themselves and by building trust in the whole organization. Organizations should constantly advocate for these healthy working environment policies and use departments like human resource to further reinforce and inculcate.

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