5 ways of dealing with cyber-bullying

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It’s an open secret that the cases of cyber-harassment or cyberbullying have skyrocketed in the recent past and has taken toll on the victims. Others are taking social media off, others sinking to depression while some case turns suicidal. Despite laws that criminalize the same. It has done little to curb this menace and bullies are raking havoc daily with no one to tame.

Responding to bullies is even worse as they know they have attention. it’s akin to fighting with the pig in the mud. The adults feel humiliated though these cyber-harassment and even defamation through constant name-calling. Rude comments, falsehoods, online gossips have become a normal phenomenon to the detriment of the victims. The fact that social media influence has tremendously grown, this makes it even harder and more hurtful to the victims as they are exposed to the ridicule of millions where even friends and families sees.

So how exactly should you handle yourself online? here are some tips;

Do not respond with nasty comments

Responding to bullies as I have said is akin to fighting with the pig in the mud which they so love. Responding to comments is profiling that abuse and will attract traction which will be of disadvantage to you. Just let it pass and you will overcome easily.

Discard and never reread disgusting and offensive comments

Rereading will open more wounds and bitterness in you and it will be hard to overcome it. Forget about it and overcoming cyber-harassment becomes so easy.

Do not take it personal

Bullying is all about negativity and making you feel low and sad. Its nothing personal neither factual. Always treat it as a market place where everyone has their own opinion, others hard and others soft.

Take a break

Take a well-deserved break to clear off your head from the hurtful negative comments that are thrown your way. The break may prove suitable as it gives you peaceful environment from the usual social media chatter. Taking a break will heal and strengthen you as well.

Appreciate diversity, not everyone has beliefs similar to yours

Everyone has different perspectives, opinions and priorities and knowing these may help you overcome cyber-harassment. Not everyone will have same line of thinking like you however much you are sensible.
In conclusion, cyber-harassment is a real threat now that the social networks have great and massive influence. It’s an existential threat that should be clearly dealt but in an individual level, purpose to either ignore or take a break. Responding is feeding fodder to the trolls.

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