5 Spots You should never apply perfume

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As they say, when it comes to one’s favourite fragrance less is usually more.

Applying perfume is like the mint condition of getting ready in the morning. Smelling like a bed of spicy seduction is what me and you would definitely go for. It’s definite, as every fragrance enthusiast would note that one could over-do it and spray everywhere.

Red Alert! A spritz in the following five spots is a big NO!


One should note that perfume, which is an odoriterous particles emitted from a swet-smelling substance is way different from a deodorant, which is an odor-controlling substance applied to the underarm to counteract odor from perspiration.

Spraying perfume onto your armpits exposes the armpits to irritate. The interaction between one’s perfume and armpits’ sweat glands could actually result in itching and burning .

Deodorant on the other hand is friendly and could be used under your armpits.


This could be an obvious and well known spot to avoid spraying onto. Just a precaution, avoid spraying near your eyes .The alcohol -based perfumed contain ethyl which most has up to 95% of it.
This could ignite irritation in the eyes. What’s more is that it could make the eyes sting.


Most people usually spray directly into their hair and not think of it as causing an harm. One should know that hair naturally absorbs scents, which is not good at all. Alcohol-based perfumes can really dry it out especially when one sprays the perfume directly into the hair.
Cosmopolitan advises on sprinkling perfume onto one’s hairbrush then now brush your hair to avoid damage or even sprinkling the ends so lightly.


You may be going to visit your partner. You want to smell good on every spot they going to touch. You probably thinking of doing your genitals. You need to stop on that right away. This is because spraying perfume near private parts result in the skin drying off. For women, perfumes could irritate the vagina and cause inflammation, itches or even pain.


At some point in our life, we have tried to apply perfume on our hands mostly when applying perfume in your wrist. Alcohol-based perfumes makes our hands dry and could cause cracking and bleeding. In addition, if you happen to rub your eyes after getting spritzed on your hands, it could cause irritation.

Now that you enlighted on the spots to never wear your perfumes, we could actually have a quick look on the best places to play around with your perfume. The places one should apply their perfume are mostly the body’s pulse joints which include:wrist, neck and the back of your knees. This is because when one applies perfume to these spots, it won’t irritate one’s skin as they are heat-emitting areas.

To wrap it all, if you told that you have been applying your perfume wrong your entire life, you definitely would deny and state on how you are a pro at it. This is because you have always copied on the way to wear your perfume from the numerous movies you have watched, advertisements or even displays in that perfume store. It doesn’t mean they are always right.
For example, if you spritzing your fragrance onto your wrists then pressing them together, then you doing it all wrong. Rubbing your skin together disturbs the top notes of the perfume meaning it won’t last as long since the scent is altered.

When it comes to perfumes, be keen to note on the layers each perfume is made up of. Usually, it has 3 layers; a top note which lasts for 20 minutes, an intense middle note which is noticed after 15 minutes and finally the base note which has the strongest scent and lasts up to 4 hours.

The above is all possible if you follow the following hack rules as no one would want to waste a single drop of their fragrance. So you know, just spray your fragrance and let it sink on your skin, just don’t DAB.

The hack tips include;
i) First moisturize- fragrance last longer when applied on oily skin.

ii) Know where to spritz-we talked about this in our above discussion. Perfume applied to warmer areas of the body will be more intense and be fragrant for long.

iii) Apply vaseline to your pressure points-this is because perfume lasts longer if you apply to a oily damp skin.

iv) The lighter the scent, the less time it will last -scent such as citrus or jasmine evaporates faster because of their small molecular structure. Having scent such as wood and musk will sure last longer on your skin. Take note of this during your next purchase.

v) Spritz your hairbrush -this will help disperse the scent through your hair throughout the day.

vi) Store your fragrance in a cool dark place- in that perfumes stored in warm bottles or hot places with a direct sunlight will make the molecular structure damaged. Don’t store it in the bathroom either. Store it up in a box in a cool dark place.

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