5 Signs of Toxic Work Environment

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Everyone has that desire to work in a peaceful environment devoid of squabbles, remunerated well, appreciated and feel sense of belonging. Despite this wish virtually has some considerable pressure, deadlines and little stress associated with it and staff can easily manage to cope with ranging from early rising, traffic etc. On the other hand other staff members in different kind of work environment go through what is bigger than stress. The thought of going to work makes a staffer sick, tired and emotionally due work environment not conducive enough.

There are several factors that can make a work environment not conducive enough and in most occasions lead to reduced or lack of productivity stress, depression and emotional inadequacies on the staff members which can spill over to their personal lives and family.
Here are five signs of toxic work environment employees should keep an eye on in their respective work stations;

Oppressive bosses / managers
The managers that are keen you making mistakes then use it to unload on you are oppressive bosses. They rarely give a constructive advice and thrive on bashing, warning and yelling at staffers. Even at a time of emergencies, illnesses or personal time off, they will never understand and can make an employee work while sick.

Higher turnover
Employees will likely stay for longer periods in environments they are valued and healthy for their well-being. Staffers will tremendously grow where they being appreciated and would wish to grow with the company but on the flipside, toxic work environments witnesses a lot of employee turn-over. Employees tend to leave work environments when the workplace culture cannot offer anything tangible that can encourage the employee except for stress, low-self-esteem and poor communication.

Poor Communication
When there is no clear cut communication either vertically or horizontally, that’s is clearly a sign of toxic environment. In these organization, there is usually no feedback from the managers when an enquiry is lodged or rather it comes as public dress-down and intimidations. Poor communication also manifested from colleagues when there is no help whatsoever, explanations and proper guidelines in areas you have sought clarity. These toxic environment human resource department fails to respond to staff queries and are out of touch with employees issues.

Poor morale among employees
When the colleagues are in constant poor moods, sad and constantly complaining then that’s a clear cut poor morale among staff and a toxic trait of workplace. Employees lacks enthusiasm on organizations work, lack of dedication and generally poor productivity. Employees with greater morale are always happy, will be more dedicated and have a very high productivity.

Rampant employee sickness
The constant stress resulted from toxic work environment for considerable amount of time can lead to fatigue, depression or mental illnesses. A workplace with its staff calling in sick every single week can only imply that the environment is toxic and is impacting negatively on the wellbeing of the staff members.

In conclusion, we all might become victims of these work cultures that may be detrimental to our mental health. The best thing always for an individual is to be keen on these signs as early as possible to avoid and find the remedy. Toxic work environment will deprive individuals of happiness and mess with individual personal life.

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