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5 main sure-fire ways to tell if a girl likes you

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5 main sure-fire ways to tell if a girl likes you

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Can’t figure out exactly how to tell if a girl likes you? You’re not alone.

Women can be hard to read, which is why figuring out how to tell if a girl likes you can be so incredibly confusing. But once you know exactly which signs to look for that prove she’s interested, you’ll be able to read them loud and clear.

From introducing you to her friends to staying consistently in touch, here are five of the most common signs a girl likes you according to relationship experts, so you’ll never have to wonder if a girl likes you again.

1. Her friends and family know about you.

If a girl is interested, she’s not shy when it comes to speaking about you to her friends. After all, women tell their girlfriends everything. She’ll pick up the phone with her buddies when you call, and she doesn’t hesitate to let them know when she’s made plans with you. Another big indicator is if she’s inviting you to gatherings with her friends. This means she sees a future with you and will ask their approval. The same is true when it comes to her family, says Bonnie Winston, celebrity matchmaker and  relationship expert: “If she introduces you to her family that is another good sign that she really likes you and wants you in her life.”

2. She reschedules a date she can’t make.

If a girl is into you, she’ll want to see you again! She’ll be willing to reschedule the dinner you planned that overlaps with her girl’s night. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll do everything she can to make you think she’s very busy and cannot be bothered. Eagerness is a confident sign that a woman is into you, as she’ll take the time to make plans with you regardless of her busy schedule. Adam LoDolce, founder of Love Strategies puts it simply: when a girl likes you, “she makes herself available to you.”

3. She makes an effort to continue the conversation. 

Whether it’s in person or over text, a girl that’s into you is going to engage in your conversations whole-heartedly. She won’t send one word texts or simply nod her head while you speak—she’ll ask questions and add input to prolong the conversation between you two. Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert and Match’s Chief Dating Expert, suggests asking yourself this: “Does she reply to your texts? Does she answer your call? If she’s replying with comments on your texts and questions for you to answer, she’s probably interested as she’s trying to keep the conversation going.”

4. She compliments you and tries to make you feel good.

If a woman gives you compliments or is often doing things just to make you smile, it’s a really good sign she likes you! “Does she smile at you? Compliment you? Send you selfies?,” DeAlto suggests asking yourself. “If she’s trying to make you happy, theres a very good chance that she likes you. It’s pretty icy in the shadow of someone uninterested!”

5. She’s clearly nervous around you. (Avoiding eye contact, messing with her hair, face, etc.)

It may seem as though she’s uninterested, but she could just be nervous! Most guys don’t know the difference between when a girl is shy around you vs. when she simply does not want to be near you. Things like face touching, playing with her hair, looking down, and fumbling with her hands are all signs that she’s nervous. Whether she’s talking too much or not at all, do your best to put her mind at ease by making her feel comfortable around you.

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