4 Enemies of Ambitions, Dreams

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Ambitions are what powers people to strive harder and harder each day. Individuals harbors varying dreams and ambitions depending on the circumstances they are in as well as the capability and ability. “No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.” Said the Kenya-born Hollywood sensation Lupita Nyong’o after beating all odds and winning the Oscar Award for the best supporting actress.

Despite the fact that everyone has ambitions, some comes true while others falls short. Dreams can only be achieved out of comfort zone as the hard work, commitment and dedication needed to achieve them. There are raft of reasons why dreams fails and become just wild imaginations in the mind and I will highlight 4 of them here;

Age, too young or too old
Age can be great hindrance to the dreams and aspirations as individuals uses it as a bogeyman. For example, a young man in his 20s can fail to start a venture even circumstances he is favors such rather he uses the age excuse not to venture and establish in pretext that he is too young to successfully run a venture. Majority of older folks falls in the same trap that I am too old to start a fresh or chase the dream and end resigning to the situation they are in.

Excuses comes in many forms and these are what individuals uses to run away from their dreams. It comes in form of procrastination or not ready or fear of failure. Excuses can never end and individuals who lacks determination to chase their goals falls for trap of excuse after excuse which end up being time wasted doing absolutely nothing.

Fear of negative public opinion
Chasing goals comes with a prize to pay. Minding what the public will think of your new business, opening a restaurant in town, enrolling football economy may deal a blow to your career and ambitions prospects. Different people will always have opinions about you, good or bad but that should not be an excuse to shatter your focus.

Fear of risk-taking
Goals and ambitions comes in different forms and some goals will demand of you to go out of comfort zone and go for it. This is taking risks by venturing in areas that deemed unfavorable or not good enough. Some of the most profitable technology companies in the world now started as a wild idea and a risk but have now grown to become behemoths

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