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Since time immemorial, griots have been treated with utmost reverie and adoration due to their remarkable capability of captivating crowds. They possessed a way with words; often bending and straightening them to fit their relays. Their gesticulations were received with wonder as people gathered around them, eager for what was to unfold. These West African story tellers were idols of their time.

In a way, I believe that griots have been reincarnated globally overtime. Take my grandmother for example. Apart from being able to confer repartee from time to time, my nana can tell one story multiple times in multiple ways. It’s fascinating. I mean, just how many times can you relate a story of you going to school without shoes? Our family has heard of that story every Christmas for over two decades. From what I gather, each time she relates this story, it’s different. Her expressions and choice of words seem to shift every year. We never tire from hearing it, always awaiting the humorous parts. Even though we know it’s old, it feels new every time.

There is someone who once told me that the key to mastering public speeches is by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. At first I was baffled. How do you try to relate with every member of a given crowd? It’s impossible! This was my notion until I watched Joel Osteen preach in his church that was brimming with people. You could see all of them through various camera angles listening keenly, relentlessly. It was enchanting.

The preacher played around with words, relayed relatable instances and employed appropriate gestures. The crowd went wild.

Personal appeal is not something offered on a platter for bloggers. They do not have the leeway to physically demonstrate what they want you to see. Despite this, there are writers who have somehow come up with ways to make their readers feel as if they are in the same room with them. It’s uncanny really.

Here are 4 bloggers that will make you a part of their story;

Biko Zulu

A good friend of mine spent half an hour spewing praises of a blogger who he had just started following. Curious to know what sort of topics he tackled, I delved into his site. I recall gasping. No, I’m not being dramatic in the least.

Biko’s mantra is, “everything is a story.” He holds this in high regard. His stories range from mental illness to marriages to near death experiences to sex workers to buying his daughter boots.

You might be wondering how buying his little daughter shoes fits the scope of a worthwhile relay. The man is simply ingenious! He has this vivid way of describing his ordeals that will make you feel as if you are plopped on his couch sipping a glass of bubbly champagne whilst he tells a story. More often than not, he winds up opening the car railings to your emotional rollercoaster. Often you will want to cry and laugh simultaneously like a toddler. I guarantee you, this is not a pretty sight on grown ups.

Telling a real, raw often sullen story has been stamped with a certain kind of tone. A sad one. Biko has this gift of making you laugh amidst a gloomy situation. He makes the sky wink with lightning despite the overbearing Nimbus clouds.

All his stories are based on real life occurrences. They are relatable, witty, entertaining and teachable. You never leave empty once you take a sojourn in Biko’s world. Yes, even when the story is about boots.

Kira’s fashion blog

You know how some people are color blind? They cannot tell mauve from dark blue or turquoise from purple? Well that is me with clothes. There was this one time I confidently strolled the streets with whiskey colored khaki trousers and a blinding t-shirt complete with running shoes. It was then that I was diagnosed with fashion blindness. Heck I was this close to being incarcerated by the fashion police. Which is actually a confirmed social pariah among ladies.

You can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a fashion blog by a brilliant clothes guru. This blog is not your typical fashion sense. It’s daring and unorthodox. It has the ability to make you feel unshackled from the society’s eye of “appropriate dressing”.

For instance, how would you feel about rocking a pair of heels with ankle socks? Say red in color? Bonkers right? Actually, no. Kira shows you just how you can dress warmly to a chic occasion by pulling off this bold look. The best part is, you will end up feeling like the most beautiful woman in the room.

Her blogs are something to look forward to as she surprises us with new almost eerie yet still viable designs. If you want to walk with a spunk and radiate confidence wherever you go, well Kira has got you covered.
Who knew a drab color like gray can be a head turn in the streets? Skeptical? Find out on her blog!

Ole Weru

At one point in our lives we have experienced disembodiment. We leave our bodies and infiltrate other people’s lives as onlookers. This is often seen during traumatic experiences, delivery of earth shattering news and at times during a good story.

Welcome to Ole Weru’s blog. This guy holds your hand throughout his stories. You become his roomie, matatu seat mate, girlfriend, vendor and so on. All this depends on where he decides to take you with the day’s tale.

His register of words is so familiar you find yourself muttering them out loud. Ole Weru utters things like “shosho” media and “priss” in his blogs. Things we say on a daily basis. It’s hard not to relate with his interesting stories that often have a lesson at the end.

My favorite post will always be about how his phone got stolen by a man who had cautioned him against phone snatchers. You have to read his blogs!

Yambo stories

The human element is a curious thing. Not even scientists have been able to fully fathom human beings. I mean who puts up a law like not referring to a pig as Napoleon? I will tell you who, the French. It’s an actual law.
Yambo stories is a safe haven for telling our experiences. He is the voice of the voiceless. He tells of the struggles we go through and celebrates victories that are more often than not ignored. He uncloaks the invisible and the best part, this band of avengers are from our immediate environ.
Yambo has an uncanny ability of stirring emotions within us through relatable experiences. You get to appreciate what you consider as meh, mundane.

If you want the untold stories, the fresh wounds that people often treat as scabs, take a detour to Yambo Stories.

Yes, griots have indeed been reincarnated in our present times.

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