4 Animes That Are A Must Watch In 2020

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You know that moment when the protagonist in your movie spots a silhouette in the shadows from the corner of their eye and hasten their footsteps? Your heart begins to pound viciously against your chest cavity as a bead of sweat forms on the side of your head. You scoot towards the screen as a plethora of odious possibilities fleet through your mind. Will the protagonist be mugged? Or will they be abducted? Maybe murdered? As the protagonist reaches the end of the cul-de-sac and the background crescendo of ominous music heightens, you hold your breath awaiting the worst. Usually all your predictions pan out.

Such movies contribute heavily to our perceptions about walking alone along alleys. Sadly, in most areas these perceptions are not at all far fetched from reality. Most areas, however, do not include Japan. Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The country’s police force mostly have to hunt down criminals who have noses for neglected bicycles and carelessly positioned umbrellas. Can you imagine a car chase that involves a stolen umbrella?

“We have an APB on a one Tekwana Sean who is the leading suspect in the robbery of a yellow umbrella…”

Yes, quite intriguing. Japan has to be on your sojourn bucket list. Here is a tip for when you decide to visit the country, carry along fruits as gifts. Apparently due to the handful of fruits that grow naturally in the country, fresh fruit is the best gift you can give to a citizen living in Japan.

The art of cartooning in Japan started in the 12th century. The opus has become very popular in the country so much so that more paper is being used for comics than toilet paper. Comics have evolved from paper to screen with most screen writers deriving stories and inspiration from the cartoon compilations.

Animated Japanese films or animes account for 60% of the animation-based entertainment industry. Because the industry presents opportunities for a lucrative career, the country has sprouted almost 130 voice acting schools. Fascinating right? Have you ever heard of a school that only focuses on molding voices into diverse film characters?

What I enjoy about animes is their ability to wheeze your breath and nourish your brain cells at the same time. Their story lines embrace wit, philosophy and twists that are simply mind blowing. The best parts of animes are character development and their longevity. I am yet to meet an anime with less than 20 episodes per season.

Below is a list of 4 animes you ought to watch this year;

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The title itself is compelling. This particular anime is set in a pseudo world where gods descend on earth in a feral search for thrill. Human lives intrigue them and so they opt to learn more about this species by blending in with them. The deity make a decision to keep their powers in an arm’s reach so as to fully fathom the struggles of these mere mortals. In the spirit of this, the gods settle on offering humans with an opportunity of acquiring crystal shards. These shards are not only a way to pool in wealth but also they can be used to craft magical objects. The only way to win these precious shards is by defeating behemoths, gory ferocious behemoths. The fights take place in a dungeon and humans from varied places go there to seek fortune.

The story surrounds an adolescent boy of fourteen years who is under a goddess known as Hestia. Cranel, the adolescent boy, is the only mortal under the goddess and therefore has to work twice as hard in order to conquer the monsters for crystal shards.

Cranel is completely oblivious of the colossal of girls (including Hestia) who harbor feelings for him. His heart is set on only one girl, Ais, a famous swordswoman who salvaged his life once upon a time. The magnetic teenager faces a lot of strife in the dungeon but despite it all, he never gives up.

The series is a wonderful depiction of how hard work actually pays off. It encompasses different values such as patience, commitment and resilience. The brawls are absolutely phenomenal, you are bound to find yourself screaming with the dungeon crowds. There is also the romance bit where girls are simply dying to be picked up in the dungeon.

The God Of High school

For some reason, out of all the mythical Greek gods, I have always had a profound affection for Hades. Maybe it’s because of his three headed dog, Cerberus or the fact that his cartoon character has hair that burns with a hue of green. I just love the guy.

One of the best creations to ever grace the globe has to be the god adaptations from various cultures. Humanizing deity has a certain appeal to it.

The God Of High school is set on three different realms. There is the human realm, the mage realm and the heavenly realm. The heavenly realm is the most powerful while the human realm is the least. The humans sought to borrow power from gods so as to protect themselves from mages. This was back when all three kinds resided on earth as one. After defeating the mages, gods separated the different kinds by placing them in different realms. Humans retained some of the borrowed power from the gods.

Jin, is a seventeen year old martial art prodigy who hails from South Korea. His skills come in handy when a shady and powerful corporation sponsor a martial arts tournament known as the God of high school. The participants can showcase their talents and capabilities by using them against one another for a compelling prize. The winner will be granted one wish, any wish, by the sponsoring corporation. It does not matter how implausible the wish is, the corporation will fulfil it.

Jin encounters different martial artists who are diversely skilled in not only martial arts but also in the use of borrowed magic from the deities. His journey is full of unexpected surprises, both good and bad.
This show has a brilliant story line full of twists and turns. It is humorous and somber at the same time, you don’t want to miss it. Besides, aren’t you curious to know about this shady corporation that can grant any wish?

Speaking of which, if you had a wish what would it be? Mine is to see a car pursuit involving a stolen umbrella.

Fire Force

After I vanquished my dream of being a driver, I took up an obsession with being a fire fighter. I used to create my own fire drills, do not worry, they were pseudo fires. The whole concept of my borderline insane fascination stemmed from me seeing how brave fire fighters were. Can you imagine fighting fire? How do you fight such a swift and vicious force?
Fire Force is a series set in the year 198. Two hundred and fifty years before then, an obliterating fire disaster occurred. Most of the world was annihilated and the survivors retreated to the Tokyo empire which had remained standing in spite of most of Japan being consumed in flames. The era involves human infernos who can combust in flames upon their wish.

The protagonist of the series, Shinra, is a third generation pyrokinetic. He has the special ability of creating fire. The young lad joins the Fire Force which pertains of other pyrokinetics who have devoted their lives to stopping the infernos that are rapidly increasing in the Tokyo Empire. Shinra soon discovers that the monstrous fire that had robbed him of his mother and brother was set by a cult known as doomsday. This cult has been responsible for many infernos that resulted to a lot of casualties. Shanra who is driven by vengeance, is hell bent on stopping them.
Want to see humans who can ignite parts of their bodies in flame without actually burning? Fire Force is for you!

Re: Zero- Starting life In Another World

This has to be my favorite anime so far. I have a searing interest in time loops and alternative realities, this particular animation has these two intriguing features.

The story line is based on a character who has a rather bizarre supernatural ability. Most protagonists have powers such as freezing time, body strength, telepathy, telekinesis and even incognito but ours has the ability to reverse time through death. Yes, he has to die first in order to tap into his powers, fascinating right?

After the NEET, Subaru, raids the convenience store for snacks as usual, he gets summoned to an alternate reality. There he meets a girl who introduces herself as Satella and her paragon named Puck. She relates of how her insignia was stolen by a thief. Subaru ends up helping the girl scour for the said thief and in the process, they both die. This is the beginning of many deaths and time loops.

Everyone involved in this story is dedicated to a cause, they are loyal to their perceptions to a fault.

The storyline is warm, funny and mind fizzing. You are bound to be reeled in by this enigmatic series.

There you have it! Four animes that will scorch your eyes, increase your heart rate and gnaw at your ribs.Say, do you reckon you can give fruits as dowry in Japan?

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