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3 Resume Mistakes you should avoid in today’s competitive labor market

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Today’s labor market is extremely competitive and job seekers should master what is appropriate or not for their resume. Well-structured resume, clear and concise will have a better chance compared to unstructured, long with complex jargons. It is important for the job seekers to leverage on proper guidelines provided for in many platforms.

Resume is the first contact between you and prospective employer and therefore, you should establish a pleasant first impression with well laid resume following the standard mechanisms. Avoid too much unnecessary details and always focus on the point.

Here are 3 mistakes that you should purpose to avoid whenever you are writing your resume or updating it;

Too much Jargon

Jargon are considered to be words, abbreviations that can be difficult for specific profession, individual, company to understand clearly.
Keep the resume as simple as possible that the prospective employer can clearly understand your skills, expertise and professional backgrounds. Jargons will make it hard for the employer to adequately decipher the message and hence dim chances of securing the job. Too much jargons will render the resume useless and not serving the purpose of explaining you to the panel.

Use language, terms that can be easily understand and resonate with the professional field that you are applying for job. There are terms that are distinct to law or medicine or engineering and cannot be used elsewhere.

Overwhelming format

Job candidate worry and spend too much time curating the format of the resume. From the font size, font family, structure, pages and so on. A beautiful resume without content will be a non-starter in hiring process. A proper format of resume is simple with concise and clear flow of content on your skills, expertise and professional experience.

Present your skills in a way clearer and anything that may distract should be expunged. The aim and objective are to deliver a message and for the reader to skim through quick. These hiring always involves many applicants and a clearer resume straight to the point is way better.

Wrong results

The resume should be result-oriented. However, the job seekers overdo it highlighting the results that seems perfect on paper but wrong for the opening. The skills you are highlighting should clearly depict that you understand the role. Copying the fancy skill set from interne can be detected earliest but outlining clearly what you know from the introduction to you experience will show your expertise and right results.

Therefore, the job seekers seeking employment in this period of Covid 19 and afterwards should redo their resume and ensure these three indicators does not let them down in the hiring process. The resume should reflect who you are and be delivered in clean, clear and concise manner which is straight to the point.

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