20th Century studios new film “New Mutants” threatens to trample over the previous legendary “X-Men” films

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It was an inconsequential question yet very telling. We would lounge in the field after tea break, our bellies content and our thought processing sluggish. Usually it would be sunny outside and our faces would be angled towards the path of warm streaks. What started out as “waiting for the digestion process to take place” swiftly morphed into some sort of tradition. It was during that bone-idle period that we shared secrets, dreams and insane fantasies; we entered each other’s realms and saw life through different perspectives. On one particular day one of us asked a question relating to superpowers, key reference being the “X-men” film. Whoever had not watched it was quickly given a run down of the varied brilliant heightened abilities that were available in the movie and a background story about how humans held a profound disdain for these characters because they were different, stronger. I watched as those who hadn’t encountered these abilities widen their eyes, their mouths becoming slightly ajar; they were completely fascinated by these alien abilities. They were also piteous; no being should live in the shadows, scrapping at the bottom of the food chain just because they are different.

At the end of the relay, each one of us rattled out our chosen ability from the film. “The Wolverine” and “Magneto” tied for most of the boys, most of the girls wanted to be “Jean”. Some wanted to be the shape-shifting character while others opted for the character of power siphoning and so on. The session would have seemed pointless to an outsider but if you were part of this circle, you knew the importance of it. The characters singled out by each one of us reflected our personalities. The exercise also helped us practice our debating skills. You see everyone had to explain why their character was the overall best among the “X-Men”. I particularly loved the one who just kept saying, “Tail! Who doesn’t want to own a tail!”

The story of “X-Men” is a reflection of the society. People rarely respond the same to people who are different physically or personality wise. So yes, this film was a people’s favorite, touching the chord of humanity while still entertaining its audience immensely. This year, however, a new film was launched by 20th Century Studios (now owned by Disney). “New Mutants” is a horror fantasy movie capturing the story of five teenagers trapped in a facility due to their heightened abilities. Instead of embracing the said powers or helping the kids grab their powers by its reins, the owners of the program aim to have beasts maul over these teenagers.

What is considered as “treatment” is something despicable, something macabre.

Acting as the last installment of the “X-Men” series, this 2020 film was even better received than all the others. Josh Boone and Knate Lee give us a thrilling and bone chilling story that will have you biting your nails in anticipation and clapping your hands in relief at the same time. The film is based on “New Mutants” by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod.
This film’s journey began in 2014. Yes, it took a solid 6 years for it to finally be released.

Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

The journey

After Josh Boone completed “The Fault in Our Stars” film back in 2014, he immediately dove into another revolutionary project with Knate Lee. In 2015, the two screenplay writers with a vision pitched their trilogy idea of “X-Men” to Simon Kinberg and well, he liked it. Although the film was completed by March 2020 and set to debut on April the same year, a colossal of bridles saw to its delay. Last month on 27th , however, fans all over the world whooped and cheered when it was finally released.

The storyline

Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga), a potent mutant runs a secluded facility holding four teenagers who have all suffered scathing tragedies. These past horrific instances have willed them into accepting their new abode as they continue to receive treatment for their untamed powers. Now, Dani (Blu Hunt), a teenage girl who survived a tornado that obliterated her reservation, winds up in the same facility shortly after she loses her father.

While there she learns of her counterparts, four other mutants whose heightened abilities had caused havoc in what they had once called “home”. We have Sam ( Charlie Haeton) who brought down a mine on his father and coworkers. Yes, a whole freaking mine. We have Bobby (Henry Saga) who burnt his girlfriend to death while in the pool just so you know. Rahne (Maisie Williams) barely escaped with her life as she fled from her village which had branded her a witch. Her home village happened to be religiously strict. The last mutant, Illyana (Anya Taylor-Joy), is taunted by her past which pertained her child slavery. These haunts manifest themselves into actual beings on earth known as the “Smile Men”. Creepy, I know.

These tragedies happen to be manifested by their mutated abilities. For instance Sam can fly at jet speed, Bobby can manipulate solar energy, Rahne can turn into a wolf, Illyana has inter dimensional sorcery powers and finally Dani has the ability to create illusions based on a person’s fear or desire.

None of them can leave the facility because well, it’s impossible. The grounds are surrounded by a powerful invisible force field that is impenetrable. The good doctor tells them that they are there a part of the X-Men recruitment. The sooner they can master their abilities, the faster they can join this powerful group and salvage humanity from evil. Turns out they are the ominous cloud hovering the world.

Find out what happens to these new mutants and if at all they are destined to join the X-Men.

The expertly woven storyline is designed to make your blood pump in raw fear and anticipation.


This new trilogy was well received with popular critics tagging it as “perfectly fine”. The IMDb gave it a solid 5.6/10 while Metacritic gave it a 45%. Google Users went ahead and branded the film with a percentage of 81.

“New Mutants” was generally loved as the last sequel for the “X-Men” series. After the long wait, fans of the comics and Marvel studios finally got to douse their burning desire.

Say, out of these five characters, whose powers would you have chosen to be your own?

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