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2017 KCPE Top Pupil Goldalyn Kakuya Star continues to rise as she tops IGCSE in Brookhouse

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Goldalyn Kakuya, the 2017 top pupil in Kenya National examinations for primary education (KCPE) is without doubt exceptionally brilliant with immense potential and capability.

Her impressive performance in the KCPE exams in 2017 opened the floodgates of fame and opportunity as numerous organizations and well-wishers stepped up to support her academics journey. Notably was the cash checks from the albinism society headed by Senator Mwaura and subsequently the scholarship award from statehouse Kenya in courtesy of Kenya’s first lady in bid to boost the brilliant but needy girls who performs well in various disciplines.

The first lady’s Margaret Kenyatta Scholarship award that she earned in 2019 alongside another top pupil Olive that effectively plucked her out of the Kenya High School, another elite school to Brookhouse International school could be her perfect match and already has paid the dividends.

In the latest results released by the international school on the IGCSE exams, Goldalyn brilliance manifest spectacularly as she not only tops the class but she also scoops As in the 10 subjects she partook.

Kenyans have taken to twitter to congratulate her for the performance and wish her well as she progresses to the university level


“I celebrated her and what she made for the people with disability and those in the movement” tweeted the celebrated media personality Yvone Okwara referring to her albinism condition which makes her performance in retrospect exceptional and laudable.

“Our little girl is still topping in her class with straight As. We are glad to have been her destiny connector to study at the prestigious Brookhouse School courtesy of the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, after we took her to meet the President.

Goldalyn Kakuya was number one countrywide during the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE).
Albinism Society of KENYA is truly proud of her.

#GoldalynKakuya Albinism society of Kenya Facebook page post celebrating her performance

Goldalyn primary education was in St. Anne Lubao in Kakamega county and scored 455 marks in the KCPE exams

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