2 Must Haves as You Go Out To Eat During The Pandemic

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By Christabel Chiladne

It is no secret that most restaurants in Nairobi have re-opened. The hotels and restaurants have put in place measures to ensure your safety from the COVID-19 virus. 1.5m distance between customers, sanitizers placed at the entries, and use of face masks by their staff. Hotels that have been allowed to re-open have permits from the government and all their staff tested for the COVID -19 virus.

You must be eager to find out if your favorite joint is open for business so that you can meet up with a friend or two. Maybe someone you have not seen during the quarantine began? Here you will find a few essentials that you need to carry as you go out to eat during this pandemic period. For your safety and those. you will meet along the way.

Face Masks

You have heard all the reports in the news about masks being the best protection you have against the COVID-19 virus. This is the first thing you will need. Also carrying an extra face mask in your bag won’t hurt. You might need someone in need of one or more likely yours might get food stains. It won’t be fun saying goodbye to your friend with a food-stained face mask. Keeping your mask on while covering your mouth and nose is key. Lowering it under your chin makes it easy to eat and pull back up after you are done.


Hand sanitizers are very easy to come by now considering the high demand. Getting a small hand sanitizer that can fit in your pockets and bag will put your mind at ease as you leave the safety of your house. If you are going by cab or public transport you are sure to touch a surface that has been touched by others before. With your sanitizer in hand, your hands can stay free from germs at every step till you get to the restaurant. When you hold menus or pull back chairs at the restaurants you can easily sanitize after.

The cutlery used such as spoons, glasses, and plates that you will handle still put you at risk of contracting the virus but with a sanitizer, you can reduce that risk.

With these two items, you can reduce your chances of catching the virus as you go to dine in the open restaurants. As you find a place to eat out consider those that follow the COVID-19 guidelines to the letter. A restaurant that practices social distance with their customers and customers who also protect themselves with masks and sanitizer from the virus is good for business.

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