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10 Virtual Party Ideas

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Just because we are quarantined and practising social distancing does not mean we cannot celebrate the special days together like we used to before the pandemic. Thanks to Facetime, Zoom, Skype among other video calling apps we can hold virtual parties irrespective of our different locations, isn’t that beautiful?

I have never considered holding a virtual party until now. Trust me, you will too after reading these amazing ideas.

1. Truth or dare

Have you watched the movie, Truth or dare? It’s about these teenagers that play the game unknowing to them a supernatural being is in control, super scary. Okay I’m not trying to scare you into not playing it. Know your limit. Make it fun. Please you can use this to know about the secrets your friends have been hiding from you.

2.Take a dive into YouTube

YouTube is a really helpful app. Interviewed, most entrepreneurs mention about learning a particular skill from watching countless videos on YouTube. Let’s not forget about how deep one can go, one minute you are watching how to prepare salad the next you are listening to dolphin noises or watching 5 things you did not know about spongebob. Weird right?

Agree on what you guys would like to watch then do so. If it’s live you can converse there too.

3. Live sports viewing

Are you a football fan? Is your team playing against your friend’s ? Why not make it interesting by watching it together. Don’t forget the popcorns.

4.Wine Tasting

Purchase a few bottles of different wines. This could be an after work activity too. Something to get you in the mood for the next day. Remember to drink responsibly especially if the next day is a work day. Compare the tasting notes with your friends.

5. It’s cocktail hour

If you are feeling fancy dress up like you would do for the actual thing. Make sure the makeup is on point too. You can also hire a bartender to do a virtual mixology. Enjoy the night/day away as you catch up with your pals.

6.Tell scary stories

To make it interesting, set the mood. Dim the lights and take turns telling stories to see who gets spooked first. The scarier the better.

7. Have work out session together

Who said parties should only be about drinking and eating till we cannot no more. Spice up your party by including a work out session. To make it interesting, include some wild music. Nothing surpasses this, having fun and getting fit at the same time.

8.Virtual fashion show

This is definitely my jam. Organize with your girlfriends and have one of this. Playing dress up is never a bad idea. You can agree on the different wears you want to focus on then turn your room into a runway. I’d definitely want to try this.

9. Karaoke

Remember karaoke nights? Yes you can still experience them again. Pick a day with your friends and do so. Don’t hold back no matter how bad you suck at singing.

10. Have a dinner party

You can opt to cook together or order from one of the eatouts. Place your device on the dinner table to make it look real, like you are actually dinning together.

There you have it guys. Which one is your favourite?

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