10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Fathers day is right at the corner . Exactly two days to go. What have you gotten your “papa”? It doesn’t necessarily have to be your father. Fathers day is simply a day we get to appreciate our father figures. Men that have molded us into what we are now. It could be  your grand father ,uncle ,husband or father in law. 

It’s a day set aside to appreciate their contribution to the society . It’s not really a public holiday and happens every third Sunday of June.

I know it can be quite tiresome getting a gift for your old man and how he’ll insist he doesn’t want anything. That’s why I’m here to help. Choose well and you’ll see your papa crying ,tears of joy.

1. Time 

Make his favorite meal,go fishing with him ,buy him a crate of beer and sit with him watching his favorite show. Spend the whole day with him and tell him how thankful you are of his efforts. Now that is a fathers day he will never forget. This had to start the list.

2.Key chain

The good thing about this is that he’ll carry it around . Have it made in a unique way for example his name could be engraved in it .

3. Power bank.

If he doesn’t already own one . Get him one .If he stays upcountry where electricity is still an issue or likes keeping memories in photos form ,this is the best gift for him .

4. T-shirt.

You could buy a plain one then have it customized to your liking. Have cute pictures printed on it or cool graphics.


I know it’s cliche but hear me out, it does not have to be boring. If your father is like mine then he definitely likes keeping time so why not help him with that instead of him constantly checking his phone .

6.Gift card

You can get creative by making one from home or buy one then write a heart felt message on it preferably it should be long. Remember you are the one that knows what your father is into ,if he doesn’t mind you being funny you can write one like below or you could stick to the ones with quotes.

7. Picture frame

Print one of your favorite pictures with him then frame it ,gift him that in that special day. He will be overjoyed.

8. Cologne

If you know his preference then this is a good a pick. Make sure to pack it well, add a bow if you have to

This is a gift you are sure he will use, that’s the point right?

9. A personalized item

I had to include this. A personalized item is something that you think he’d use but does not own yet. It can be;

(i) A mug with his name or picture or just a dad quote.

(ii) A book he’s always wanted to read.

(iii) A Pocket knife.

(iv) A pair of shoe.

( v) A nice leather belt.

10. A bouquet of flowers.

I know it’s not everyday that you do this and that society has it that flowers are feminine . There are men out there that appreciate the beauty.

I hope the two days left are enough and this list helps you in finding the perfect gift for your father.

He deserves the best.

Remember it does not have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts.

If your father is not with you anymore always keep in mind that those we love don’t go away they are beside us ,keeping watch.

Have an amazing fathers day ahead.

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